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Ethical Adoption

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A forum looking at Ethical Adoption and its alternatives

Adoption can be a mixed bag.
There are open adoptions where the child's emotional needs and rights are respected and the natural Mother has made an informed and a well-supported choice to relinquish her child.
However this is not always the case, there are still adopted adults worldwide who do not even a right to their own birth certificates, or their own medical or family history.
Worst case scenarios involve situations where children are literally stolen from their parents and then made available for adoption, or where a society is so impoverished that women are left with no choice whatsoever as to whether they want to raise their child or not. Corruption is rife in some adoption systems and children are bought and sold.
Adoption has in the past and continues to be a hurtful process for the vulnerable children involved.
If you are indeed concerned by illegal or unethical adoption practice or been adopted through one of these systems, then you are welcome here, particularly if you are actively involved in reform in your country.And being angry about bad practice is fine as long as you are not abusive.
Perhaps by highlighting the inequalities involved we may bring about change… this is within the realms of what is possible.
We are interested at looking at all the different strands that influence how adoption is practiced… be it religious attitudes, economic policy within a country, attitudes toward gender….

This is not a forum on how to go about adopting.It is most likely a forum on how NOT to go about adopting.

We take it as a given that members know right from wrong…..
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