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Open Adoption Support Site (x-posted)

I have put together a support site for families who are in open adoptions (including those who are seeking more openness and those who had an adoption close against their wishes). The site is hopefully a way to find in real life support through local support groups put together by community members. This idea is based on the open adoption support group that's been going on for 18+ years at The Kinship Center in California.

Open adoption -- like any relationship -- can be challenging and those of us who are committed to it can have a hard time finding support. Not everyone understands the value of openness and not everyone (including adoption professionals) understands how to persevere through tough times. My hope is that by creating a grassroots effort to demand post-adoption services through local support groups we can help families build open adoption relationships that work for everyone.

I want it to be a collaborative effort. If you register at the site and want to be able to contribute more than links, just give me a heads up and I’ll give you editor privileges. I want a variety of experiences reflected there so it’ll be welcoming (not just the sugar cookie happy info but also the hard realities from a pro-openness perspective).

Also, you are welcome to copy and paste blog entries there if you think they ought to be available for people who wander by looking for open adoption info. If you put your web site in your profile then registrants will be able to click on your author name and find where you live online. And you are welcome to submit your own blog (as well as other favorite open adoption sites) to the links list as well.

Remember, experience with open adoption is not limited to people who are right now living in a fully open adoption. Those of us who have had adoptions close against our wishes, who want to open up semi-open adoptions or who wish they had more contact with their child’s other family are welcome to share info there. If what you have to say is informative, encouraging, or important for people to know (for example, what happens when openness is truncated) then please come say it.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY — if you would like to try to put together an open adoption support group in your hometown, please come say so on the boards. Remember, your contact info will be anonymous (people will only be able to email you through the site).
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